Tips From Google on Prototyping

In this three video series we glean some practical and useful tips from Google on prototyping. It is a great way to introducing the concept to any team member who is not in the product development/user experience world. In fact, it is a great introduction for anyone in an organisation who has a great idea that they want to pitch to their company.

Being Google, there is an inevitable focus on tech related things, but the principles discussed can be applied to any industry.

In video one they share tips on:

  1. When to use sketching and paper prototypes
  2. Their four different types of sketches
  3. And three benefits of paper prototyping

In Video 2 they share tips on Digital Prototyping:

  1. Explore how to build an interactive prototype
  2. Why they’re so important in selling your idea
  3. The two technologies they use to quickly build the initial prototype

In the final video they share tips on native prototyping:

  1. This is about writing code and building something
  2. It’s about building stuff that can be tested by users and stakeholders
  3. And testing on real devices
  4. Plus the importance of validating your direction and communicating your vision with end users.

If you’re not in the digital world, its still worth a watch because you never know, some innovative ideas may be spawned!