Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe

Simon Sinek, once again, challenges established leadership doctrine in this video ‘Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe’ and explains, from a neuro-chemical and behavioural perspective the consequences of organisational environments that don’t feel safe for their employees.

Context is critical to individual and collective thriving. If we think of the toxic effects for children of lack of psychological safety in the family home, then we get an inkling of what toxic effects occur for adults when their organisational environment does not feel safe. We witness symptoms such as bullying, discrimination, lack of co-operation between teams, lack of sharing of resources, senior managers bickering and building power bases and so on.

Creating an Agile environment is nearly impossible if there is a sense of a lack of safety in the organisation. So listen to Simon’s talk for some hints on how to create environments of thriving.

If you get the chance now, think about your organisation and ask yourself these questions:

  1. How safe do your people feel?
  2. Do your leaders EVER use fear as a management tool (sometimes it can be very subtle)?
  3. Have you ever heard anyone in your organisation say “I’m doing X, because I don’t want to lose my job”?
  4. Before you arrived, has there been a history of downsizing to balance the books?

If there is a ‘yes’ answer to any of these questions, then the good news is that a focus on building a greater sense of safety will reap rewards you couldn’t even envisage.