Aligning Strategy, Innovation and Portfolios in a Changing World

If its true that great ideas can come from anywhere in the organisation, if it is also true that the world we live in is indeed a VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) and if it is also true that innovation is the key to long term sustainable success, then how do we manage this complexity internally? As leaders our goal is to ensure our strategy delivers the right ideas, turns them into the right products and services, to meet the needs of the right customers at the right time so is there a way to address these complex demands more successfully? This article titled ‘Aligning Strategy, Innovation and Portfolios in a Changing World’ may be part of the answer.

In this article by Barbara Roberts you will learn a practical, no nonsense approach to innovation that ensures you blend and balance risk against strategic value at every point. It also introduces 6 core behaviours for successfully bringing an agile approach to portfolio management as well as a model that ensures that the iterative nature of an Agile approach never loses touch with a mid-term and long-term view.

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